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Local events of interest to the residents of Boxford are always our primary focus. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email them to .   Follow Us on Twitter

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We are pleased to announce that BCATv has installed new video equipment on September 15 which allows our viewers the ability to watch live streaming of our Public Accessour Government Access, and our brand new Educational Access channel using the BCATv Widget below.  Using this widget is easy!  First click on the RECENT, PROGRAMS, LIVE or SCHEDULE link and then Click on either: PUB, GOVED, or Bulletin Board to access content.

Below is our current cable channel lineup:

Visit Our New Government Videos On Demand Page!

Live Meetings on
Comcast Ch 22 / Verizon Ch 39

Mon  4/24 7:00 pm  Selectmen
Wed  4/26 7:30 pm  Public Hearing - Planning Board
Thu   4/27 7:30 pm  Zoning Board / Cons Comm

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