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Welcome To Our Interactive Schedules!

Welcome to BCATv's Interactive Schedule page!  

Click on a day of the week to see what is playing at any specific time.  If the video has a light grey background, then this video can also be watched "on-demand" simply by clicking title of the video.  (Due to licensing restrictions not all videos can be watched on demand.)

For instructions on using your DVR to record a BCATv program, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Using Verizon FIOS Remote to Schedule a PEG Recording

Due to limited memory in older cable boxes, there is no program guide for the 3 Boxford Cable Tv channels and time blocks are limited to 6 blocks of 4 hours each.

It is possible to record a specific start and stop time using the following instruction with your Verizon FIOS Remote Control device:

  • Press “Menu” Button
  • Navigate to “DVR”
  • Navigate to “Create Recording”
  • Navigate to “Manual Recording”
  • Press “OK”
  • Use the UP/Down  Left/Right arrows ( around the OK Button) to navigate the Manual Recordings sub menu.
  • Select the “channel” field Press “OK”  Then use the Numeric Keypad to enter the Channel #, Press "OK"
  • Use Down Arrow to select “start Date” , Press OK, select the Date of the recording. Press “OK”
  • Select Start Time , Press “OK”  Use up/down keys or numeric Keypad to enter start time. Press OK when done.
  • Repeat process for “End Time”   Press “OK”   
  • Press Right Arrow to “SAVE”   Press “OK”

 Looks a lot worse than it is.  Set Channel, Set Date, Set Start Time, Set End Time, Save.


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