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Ford Fischer

Ford Fischer at work in Charlottesville, VA:

Ford Fischer covers the Charlottesville, VA violence.

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Danielle Staub

Former television reporter turned public relations specialist, Danielle Staub is now working in higher education, telling stories from Averett University, in Danville, VA. She is passionate about her work and takes each day as an opportunity to grow in her career, meet new people and create new relationships.

Danielle Staub on Linked-In

Kevin Dillon

Sports reporter covering the New England Patriots and High School football.  B.U. Grad.  Kevin and his brother, Michael (see below), began their career covering Men's Softball for BCATv.

To read Kevin's posts, click here.  Kevin on Linkedin.

Jonathan "Ross" Rivers

Former BCATv Studio Manager 2012-2017

Jack O'Brien - Where's Walden

Jack O'Brien is a singer and lead guitarist with indie band "Where's Walden".


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